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About natural gas

Australia is a country rich in natural gas and it is extracted from a number of major locations around the country for both international export and domestic use.

As a domestic fuel, gas is used both in electricity generation and as a primary fuel for industrial and home use.

As Australia inevitably moves toward more sustainable fuels and the use and acceptance of oil and coal decreases, natural gas will play a vital role in the future of Australia’s energy mix.

In addition, with six of the world’s 14 major LNG projects around the world currently under construction in Australia, Australia is set to play a vital role in the global LNG boom. Australia’s close proximity to Asia places the country in a strategic and cost-competitive position to capitalise on LNG export opportunities.

Demand for Australian gas has highlighted the importance of emerging unconventional gas technology, including coal seam gas and shale, to increase our reserves, increasing the need for new transmission pipelines to transport the product from new frontiers.

Australia’s focus on lowering greenhouse emissions domestically also means that there will be a market for gas-fired power generation and gas distribution network development on our own shores.

Australia’s Gas Leaders encapsulates these and other exciting developments that have occurred over the past year, as well as sharing expert opinion on what lies in the years ahead for the growth of our natural gas industry.