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How does Australia’s Gas Leaders differ from Great Southern Press’ other industry publications?

Australia’s Gas Leaders is an annual publication, which provides in-depth commentary on the current natural gas industry in Australia. The book showcases key players shaping Australia’s economy, and driving innovation in the gas industry.

The book includes four main chapters, discussing the latest issues and trends in the below natural gas sectors:

  •     Exploration and production, including unconventional gas
  •     LNG, including processing, shipping and export
  •     Transport and transmission
  •     Power generation


When was Australia’s Gas Leaders published?

The first edition of Australia’s Gas Leaders was published in early 2013, and the second edition was published in early 2014.


How can I participate in the next Australia’s Gas Leaders book?

The next edition of Australia's Gas Leaders will be published in early 2015.

Contact Sales Manager Tim Thompson to discuss participation. Call +61 3 9248 5100+61 3 9248 5100 or email tthompson@gs-press.com.au to discuss your options.


Will I receive help developing my company profile for publication?

Yes. Our team of experienced journalists and marketing representatives can help you tailor your content to the Australia’s Gas Leaders readership. To discuss contact Sales Manager Tim Thompson  on +61 3 9248 5100+61 3 9248 5100 or via email tthompson@gs-press.com.au


Who receives the Australia’s Gas Leaders book?

Australia’s Gas Leaders 2014 was delivered directly to over 4,000 people including:

  • Federal and State governments
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Gas industry chief excecutive officers, board members, project managers and key personnel
  • Gas industry associations and their members
  • State libraries and archives
  • Universities
  • Key sponsors and their networks
  • Subscribers to Gas Today magazine


Where can I buy a copy of Australia’s Gas Leaders?

Purchase Australia's Gas Leaders from the Gas Today online shop, or ring +61 3 9248 5100+61 3 9248 5100.

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